Sunday, September 9, 2012

15 weeks

Gabby is feeling better. She ended up calling the OB on Thursday and they didn't want to see her. Gee thanks, doc. But she felt better as the day progressed and even better on Friday. And she found two heartbeats on Friday. Yay!

In other is 15 weeks, another yay!! Only 1 week and 1 day till the gender reveal (fingers crossed we can see something!)

I am a football widow today. L has gone off with his brothers to the Jets game. It probably won't end well :)

Here are some ultrasound pics from the 13w4d ultrasound, now about a week and a half ago. There were a couple of others Gabby mailed me that weren't that great so I didn't scan them, but I am fairly certain that one of the babies is a boy. In all honesty, given L's track record and all the boys in L's family (1 of 3 brothers), plus the fact that we did regular IVF no ICSI, I'm pretty sure they're both boys, but I feel like I may have seen something on one of the u/s pics I didn't scan (not posted here). Time will tell!

Upper twin

Lower twin

Fuzzy picture of both


  1. I am so happy for you. They are two cuties! Praying things continue to go well!!! :)

  2. So glad Gabby is feeling better! Great pictures :)

  3. Wow! Those seem like great photos to me! So cool that your little babies are growing in there. :)

  4. I can't believe they're at 15 weeks! Just a few more weeks and you're halfway there.

  5. They are looking fantastic, I'm glad everyone is still doing well.

    Do you plan to reveal the genders here on the blog?

  6. Ah, great ultrasound photos :) Yay for 15wks! Still sending positive thoughts!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pics! Can't wait for the gender reveal!

  8. Aw, I love u/s photos! Congrats on 15 weeks!