Thursday, September 6, 2012

Worry Again

Last night I got an email from Gabby that immediately set me worrying.

Unfortunately I have been down and under with the WORST lower GI bug I think I've ever had ... bad timing! I have horrible gas pains and had to take a half day today and go home early yesterday. (MFM)'s office said pepto is ok so I've been taking that but to no avail. With all the cramping I double checked the heartbeat tonight and it was good and normal. Now I just need this thing to leave me because I feel like I'm dying! If I have a rough night tonight I might ask to go into see (MFM) tomorrow or my primary care to make sure I'm not missing anything and that I'm well hydrated. I'm able to drink and I'm pretty sure I'm drinking more than I'm losing so I think I'm good. Have had headaches so taking Tylenol with good relief. Oh, absolutely no spotting or bleeding so that's good!

Of course that immediately started my heart pounding. Yes, no bleeding is very good. I'm still very worried. She was totally fine Monday! Someone talk me down off my ledge. I texted her husband later last night to see how she was doing and he said she was persevering. She's resting as much as she can.

From the hubby's text:

And staying hydrated and eating when she can ... for the babies of course - can't let the little guys/girls go hungry!

I feel a little bad because it's all about the babies, but I feel bad for Gabby too! But yes, I admit I'm very worried about them. I wish I could do something for Gabby. If I lived closer I'd totally drop off a "hydration care package" but I don't and by the time I mail something she'll (hopefully) be over it.

I just texted her again this morning because I haven't heard from her. I really wish she would go into the MFM so I wouldn't worry so much.

I, I, I, me, me, me, my babies. It's all about me these days, isn't it? Ugh.


  1. I understand your frustrations. Everything is out of your control, and you're worried about your babies, but there isn't a lot you can do... it has to be hard to deal with at times. Hopefully it's just a bug and it'll pass, and everything is going to be alright. Women get sick when they're pregnant all the time, and it's okay. Hang in there!

  2. You'd be amazed how much trauma the woman's body can go through before it affects the babies. I was sicker than a dog for a few days and the twins were just fine. Even if she isn't eating or drinking "enough" the babies take from her body prior to her body getting what it needs. Her muscles have a good supply of protein and her bones have plenty of calcium. Now, doesn't that make you feel better that it really is all about the babies? ;) (it's always all about the babies...)

  3. Lots of women get sick while they are pregnant. Heck, my mom told me stories about how she was so sick at one point while pregnant with me that she actually passed out while on the toilet. Kind of makes me chuckle now but I'm sure it wasn't so funny at the time. Prayers for you to find some calm and for your babies to keep a growin'! *hugs*

  4. The human body is an amazing thing and it will do everything it can to make sure those babies get what they need. Many, many women get sick while they're expecting and nearly all of them are just fine in the end -- they may be uncomfortable, but the babies are none the worse for the wear. I know it's nearly impossible not to worry, especially when all of it is so utterly out of your control, but stay strong. Sending good thoughts and lots of prayers into the universe for you and your babies tonight! ~ hugs ~

  5. Everyone says the same thing about women being sick when they are pregnant and everything turns out fine so stop worrying. For many pregnant women the sickness is for no other reason other than they are just pregnant, but sometimes there is more going on. I for one have been on the shitty side of statistics too many times. I wish for you that Gabby would just go in and get checked. Better safe than sorry. And I say its fine to worry, worry away if you need to. Ya it doesn't really do much good, but these are your babies we are talking about. You have been through hell and back trying to bring a baby home. I think of you often and hope to hear better news soon:)