Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Showers and Gender Reveals

Time is starting to move slightly faster now that I'm not freaked out every second of the day. Seriously, before this last week every day felt like a year, and time was moving so slowly. Now things aren't as slow, although I still wouldn't mind time even moving faster (until February and then it can slow back down :)

My mother is already talking about baby showers (ugh) which has gotten me thinking about it. I really don't want my SIL to bring her twins to the shower. It's weird. If I were the one pregnant I don't think I'd mind at all. If I had a belly people would be exclaiming over it and asking how I felt and if the babies are active, etc. But considering I won't have a baby bump I think it won't be hard to turn people's attentions towards her cute little 3 month old twins (at that point) and away from me. And yea, I want the attention, I admit it. I don't get any of the "normal" attention pregnant women get so this one day would be nice.

So I just have to get up the guts to put something like "Adults only" on the invite. I'd really love to not have to write that though. And the odds are that she might not even be able to come, since she lives 3 hours away and would she really drive up with the babies for that amount of time when they're only 3 months old? But I could see her feeling obligated (I know I would). She might think since her mom is also invited (she invited my mom to the shower next weekend so I need to do the same) she can handle one while her mom handles the other. Oh, family.

Speaking of attention, yes, apparently I'm an attention whore. Apparently 4+ years of trying will do that to you. Or at least to me. So I've decided to throw a little gender reveal party at the end of September for me, L and our closest friends. The very closest of friends who think it's just fine to do so (I asked ahead of time) and RSVP'd to my invite within a day. I even invited Gabby after asking if she'd be interested! She did want to be invited but when she got the evite saw the date and isn't sure she can come that day. Oh well, it'll still be fun. Don't worry, I will totally be posting the genders here as soon as I find out. The party isn't until over a week after the gender reveal and I can't tell any of those close friends so I will be busting with the news :)

So I sent everyone an evite, which is so funny because most of them knew the date of the party before I sent it out. But I wanted to do so, it's part of the fun! I used this Punchbowl evite originally meant for a baby shower - just switched the wording to a regular party.

Hilariously, the last of our close friends texted us tonight to ask if they should bring their baby or find a sitter. Without me even saying anything they literally texted they wanted to make the day about us and not their baby. Holy cow. I intentionally included "family" on the invite (i.e. To the Smith Family) and not To Joe & Jane so they could see I wanted them all to come. I was very touched they asked though. I'm totally fine with it for this little party but not for my shower. See, I'm hopeful my SIL would do the same thing (and ask) but I just don't think I want to take the chance.

Gabby found both heartbeats tonight again! She said she thinks it's getting easier now that they're both bigger. She mentioned that while both were good heartbeats, one was much louder than the other. Not faltering or uneven or anything, just one was quieter. Do you think I need to worry about that? I already am. I guess it doesn't make sense to think they should both be at the same loudness, but it was enough for her to comment on. I don't know. Paranoid, of course.


  1. I find one heartbeat is always louder and easier to find than the other. In fact, when I checked a couple days ago it switched and the one that's usually easiest to find was harder that time. So I don't think you have to worry about that.

    Any chance Gabby could come to your baby shower? That way your babies would be able to be included and be a part of the day!

  2. It's totally normal for the heartbeats to be different. It really depends on how the babies are lying in there. They both can't be in the same position , so they sorta coordinate. When I found them, and yes, it is much easier to find them quicker and more reliably as they get bigger every day, they were usually one louder, one softer. Like I said, one is probably belly back and one is belly front. It makes a big difference. Also, since there are two placentas in there growing like crazy... it's muffled sometimes by that pancake. The babes will most likely settle into a regular position pretty soon if not already. Despite the room they have in there, they are still somewhat stuck in one spot.
    Not trying to be confrontational regarding the previous post, but having Gabby at the baby shower might even be worse than having the three-mo old babies there as far as people fawning over her. I would hate for it to turn into a "Gabby the Saint party". Ducky deserves a time to shine all on her own. Just my two cents worth.

  3. I literally can't wait to find out the genders. I'm glad you're posting it here instead of making us all wait. I'm so excited that things are going so well for you.

  4. Glad to hear that you aren't freaked out every second of every day like you had been.
    I am with coffee nut and that having Gabby at the shower might not be a great idea. I think it'd be great to have the babies there but also afraid all the attention will turn on Gabby when its your day.

  5. How fun! I just can't believe your almost at the gender reveal stage! How exciting...I cant wait for the news!

  6. I think it would make sense for one to be louder and one to be harder to find, given their placement. I had a lot of trouble finding V's heart beat because of him moving and his anterior placenta. The further away, or more obstructions there are, the harder it will be to find them. I had trouble all the way up to the end! Some days I couldn't even find him, even at 20+ weeks! That was scary! Thankfully I could get him moving... but what I'm saying is that with the placentas and because there are 2 of them, I would not freak out about it right now. I know that's easier to say than to do though!

    I completely understand not wanting the babies there and wanting your extra party. I say go for it :) And ENJOY! I'm glad you're feeling more positive about things, although I know the fear is going to be there in one form or another the whole time. Personally, I enjoyed things the best I could but I still had doubts up until the moment I heard him cry. It is HARD to go through this after a loss. It is an amazing experience, but that doesn't make what you went through just go away over night. One day at a time though!

  7. From what I've read in your blog, it sounds like one baby is positioned behind the other one so it is further away from the surface and the doppler. So I wouldn't worry about the softer heartbeat. Sounds like this is how it's supposed to be.

    And yay for your baby shower and upcoming gender reveal party! I especially love the idea of a gender reveal party. Brilliant! I may steal it when I (finally) get pregnant.

    I understand your feelings about your SIL and her twins. It is a difficult subject to broach with another person...especially if said person is the mother of aforementioned twins. Hopefully, she'll have some tact and not bring her babies if she decides to come to your shower. I agree that you deserve some attention!