Wednesday, October 17, 2012

20 week ultrasound

I feel bad I didn't post on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I knew it was Monday and I thought about it the whole way to our ultrasound appointment. I thought about the irony of where we are and where we have been. As usual, I wore my Mother's Day gift from my close friend last year (a charm necklace with baby footprints) and the ring that L gave me after we lost our twins (with two tourmalines in it) because whenever we go for an ultrasound I am always thinking about all of my babies.

And then we got to the ultrasound and I didn't think about it again. How I could do that? I don't know. This day was such a good day for us, and I feel bad about it. I will never ever forget the babies I've lost.
The ultrasound was fantastic. We got a nicer tech this time who took the time to explain things to us. Our babies have been 100% confirmed as girls (we were already positive about one and 90% about the other but of course I've been wondering). They are measuring beautifully, and there are no issues so far.

Baby A - love that Baby B's butt is practically in her face!

Kiss my a**, sister! LOL!

Baby B - upside down! She is really facing downwards.

Baby B - formerly known as Baby Boxer, still has her fists up by her face! Love it!

We've nicknamed the babies Aisha (A) and Beyonce (B) because we are not telling any names until they are born! :)

We met the MFM Gabby has been seeing and we've only spoken with once, on the phone. He was super super nice and I'm glad he'll be delivering our babies (if all goes to plan of course).

Gabby looks great, a nice big belly now. Her cervical length is great, her blood pressure is wonderful - she's even still going to the gym! The doctor told her to keep up whatever she's been doing because it's working for her! Even though she's carrying my babies, I still am a little jealous that she's just so awesome at being pregnant. Walking to our myriad of appointments, I had to ask HER to slow down because I couldn't keep up. That's just sad. :)

We then had fetal echoes done on both babies in the afternoon. And once again, their hearts look perfect. They did not get my heart! I am so so glad for this! The doctor said they can't guarantee 100% there's nothing wrong, but there is definitely nothing major wrong and it usually means things are just fine!

The day was just so wonderful - definitely our best ultrasound yet. And we are over the hump now and on our way down the slope - 20 and a half weeks today! I am starting to get more and more confident about us having babies in February and it's starting to make me nervous!!! Hahaha. I think I would be very confident if there were one but having twins is making me nervous about being able to take care of both of them (logistically) at the same time. We have a condo and basically live on the second floor (we have a first floor but it's just a foyer, closet and garage) and there's no way I'm going to be able to carry two infants in car seats down the stairs to get to the car. So I'm going to have to carry one first, and I have to leave the first one alone?? Then have to go back up and get the second. Oy!

But I love that I'm starting to worry about THESE kinds of things now. It is just awesome.


  1. Oh my, they are just beautiful!! This is getting really exciting!

  2. I am so SO happy for you to reach this milestone! How exciting to realize you are over the half way mark! LOL, those u/s pics are too funny with one having it's butt in the other one's face. :)

  3. I am very happy for you. The ultrasounds are beautiful. I have a three year old that refuses to walk in from the car so I have to carry her and the baby. The Flying Falcon has been a life saver because it keeps the hand that is carrying the infant carrier free. Maybe it would work for you. Here's the Amazon link..

  4. SO happy that things are still looking great and your over the half way point!

  5. So happy to hear all is still well!

  6. SO exited to hear everything looked great! That autonomy scan is by far the scariest ultrasound! I love how her little bum was in her face. I'm sure you will all joke about it someday. haha

  7. Gorgeous ultrasound :) Glad everything looks great!

    Don't feel bad about passing over the day and allowing yourself to feel happiness over the ultrasound. We remember, but we also keep living out lives. Last year I lit my candles and remembered, and the next day I had my baby shower. I think the best way we can remember our children is to embrace the life we have and share our love, which is exactly what you did.

  8. Wow, they are so cute, I just love seeing these ultra sound pics :-)

    Dnt' feel bad about celebrating what you have in front of you, right now. You deserve to enjoy this very, very special moment and to revel in what you worked so hard for.

    All of your babies are in your heart and spending a couple of moments to really be with the two you've got right now is just part of being a mother to them.

    Much love and again, congrats on your little cuties!