Monday, October 1, 2012

Sick Again

I'm here...sick for the umpteenth time again this year. I promise I have not been "sulking" about my bro for a week now :) I was actually fine by the next day (I just tend to get emotional and have to vent first and then feel better about things afterwards).

We had our gender reveal party this weekend and I can't wait to put up some pictures.
But right now I feel like crap and hoping my NYQUIL kicks in very soon.

We had another u/s on Thursday and the babies are still looking great! I think I may tell work this THAT makes me nervous. "Hi, I need to go on maternity leave in 4 months....and no, I'm not pregnant. Nope, not adopting..." I hate having people know my private business but obviously I need to share this.

My parents visited on Sunday and my mom wanted to go to Babies R Us so badly and buy some things. I managed to keep her to two little dolls. And told her to leave me the receipt just in case. All these women with nice sized bellies were in there and I felt so fraudulent. I hate that I feel that way and intellectually I know I shouldn't. Unfortunately, my heart doesn't always obey my head...

18 weeks and 1 day!


  1. You know, when we were adopting I ALWAYS felt like a fraud going to Target to buy baby things, even on our way to the hospital! It took a couple of months for me to really feel like I had every right to be in the baby section and that I wasn't just pretending! Thankfully you have more time to get used to the idea than we did. :)

  2. Sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope you're on the mend and 100% better soon!

    Good luck telling work. I know it doesn't feel real, and I understand feeling like a "fraud" but you shouldn't feel that way. I imagine there are a lot of emotions tied in with all this, and that's okay!

  3. I hope you feel better. Can't wait to see pics from the party.

  4. So basically I'm from Oct ICLW, but I started reading your blog early anyways... 1. CONGRATULATIONS on the twin baby girls =) 2. I hope you feel better soon! 3. (and finally) continual T&P's during the pregnancy for your girls!

  5. Wow, I can't believe you're past 18 weeks already! So exciting! I'm glad you're feeling better about your brother too, but sorry to hear you're sick. Maybe your body is just amping up it's immune system to get ready for the babies since they tend to bring a lot of germs once they start attending day care or are old enough for public outings. ;)