Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drugged but here

I'm on vic.odin right now so not all that with it. Very sore "down there" but feeling ok otherwise. Retrieval was sort of disappointing. They only got 8 eggs. That's the least amount I've ever gotten. And probably not all of them will fertilize either. I'll find out tomorrow afternoon.

Gabby texted me throughout the day to check on me. So nice. She started her PIO shots today. Her MIL (a nurse as well) taught her husband how to give it to her. I am just so afraid there won't be any eggs left to transfer on Friday. Or that there won't be enough to do a day 5 transfer so we won't be able to do PGS.

Why do I worry about things I can't change? If I get bad news tomorrow, worrying about it tonight won't make things any better tomorrow. I wish I could just stop it.


  1. I'm hoping for great news for you tomorrow... Fingers crossed.

  2. so sorry it hasn't gone as well as hoped. fingers crossed for a good outcome today :)