Monday, June 4, 2012

IVF #4 - Day 6 stims

I had my first clinic appt. post baseline today, and I was very nervous. You all know how horrible my E2 levels have been in previous cycles.

Apparently this doctor does things differently than the last 2 REs I've seen. I only needed to have b/w taken for E2 levels today, nothing else. It was nice to keep my pants on for once! :)

Today's number? Out of the gate - E2 is 688. Holy smokes!

Of course, me being me, I had to email the nurse because I was worried she was going to lower my dosage a crazy amount and send me spinning off once again. After all, that's what's happened before. They cut my dose in half and have me come back 3-4 days later to find out it's done the opposite of what they said it would do.

But Susan tells me I'm just lowering my dosage from 150IU to 112.5 IU tonight - keeping the same lupron (.2) and taking the same amount of Menopur tomorrow morning.

Then they want me to go for monitoring again TOMORROW for E2 b/w and a U/S. Guess it's time to see what those follies are doing! I'm sure this way they can tell if I'm going up too fast or if they should hold me steady. In a way I'm so excited because stuff is happening - at the same time, ugh, another doctor's appt.

I also have to go to a different lab at 8:15am tomorrow morning to have my FDA testing done. (only specific labs do it). So yay for getting pricked 3x in 2 days. But at least that will be done!

I hope things look good tomorrow, whatever they are looking for. It would be so exciting to have a good cycle for once! I really love what this doctor has done - I think she's definitely crafted a good protocol for me!


  1. How exciting you've started! Keep us posted and good luck!!! :)

  2. Good luck! Hope things are going well.