Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Present for Gabby

Man, between vacation and my own stuff going on, I've been a terrible ICLWer this time around. My apologies and I will try to be better next month.

I think Gabby is freaking out that she is carrying triplets. I wish she would calm down a bit because she doesn't know anything yet and it's making me worry because of the possibility of selective reduction. I don't want to worry about that before we have to worry about it. And I keep hoping that once she realizes what SR entails she will change her mind about it, IF we do indeed end up with triplets. But again, there's still so far to go, so I wish she would just stop.

I just got another call from the pharmacy that Gabby needs another refill on her PIO and now also her estrogen as well. Another $250. Oof, everything adds up. So glad this part will be over at around 10 weeks or so! I called my doctor's office to ask if they could call in a prescription for a larger bottle of PIO. She was originally taking 1cc per day but her P4 was low so they upped her to 2cc a day, so she is going through it twice as fast.

Last night, L and I went out for dinner to a nice restaurant to celebrate. I had told Gabby we would, then started thinking it was kind of mean that we got to celebrate, but she really wasn't able to. I thought perhaps I should send a small gift or something as a congrats for getting pregnant sort of thing. I was looking for small gifts for surrogates (queen of Google that I am) and OMG, some of the IPs get their surrogates the most awesome things! And things that our surrogate will never get. I mean, trips to Disney World for the surrogate's entire family, cruises, etc. Damn! And the surrogates blogging about this stuff say things like, "I know I'm being paid, but it's really nice to be recognized in this way."

Listen, if I had that much money, I'd probably want to go myself, not give it away. I mean, they are getting paid. I honestly don't think they get paid enough, but they are only about 1/3 of the total cost of surrogacy, we certainly couldn't afford to give much more than what they are already getting. Jeez!

But I wanted to do something. And it's difficult, because unlike with a friend, I have no real idea about her interests - her favorite movie, hobbies (I know she was into cross fit but I don't think she can do that while she's pregnant), even her favorite color I don't know about! I thought about getting her some bath stuff, but maybe she hates baths! (she's so energetic she doesn't seem to me to be the lying down, taking a long relaxing bath type - whereas I wish I could spend my day in a nice bath!). And I can't really text her or her husband and ask without sounding weird I think. Nor can I ask the majority of my friends what they think since a) most don't even know we're doing surrogacy yet, or b) that we got a BFP a day ago.

So I ended up buying the Earth Mama Angel Baby Pregnancy Essential Bundle. I've had the Baby Shampoo and Body Wash on my secret Amazon Baby Wish List FOREVER now, and I thought it was a good excuse to let her know I'm totally into organic stuff and also pamper her a bit. I hope she likes it.

It's got Happy Mama hand-to-toe wash: with ginger, lime and pink grapefruit essential oils; Happy Mama spray: to help with nausea or irritation (so also good to use with her own kids :) ; Mama-to-be tea sampler: to help with nausea, heartburn, calming and labor preparation; Natural Stretch Oil: to help with itching and stretch marks; Body Butter (for the same), and herbal lip balm.

I have never bought any baby-related item any of the times I was pregnant (luckily) so it was fun buying something for her!

Waiting to see what the beta is tomorrow, it should tell us a lot. Fingers crossed it will be good - not too high and not too low.


  1. Such a cute gift idea! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  2. I hope she likes it. It's a very thoughtful gift, so I bet she will!

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and hoping for more great news tomorrow!