Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beta at 18dpo

Susan called with the new beta around lunchtime again. "Another very good beta," she said. And I instantly relaxed.


So it doubled and then some. It was exactly what I wanted...a good number, but not too low and not TOO high.

But after googling as much as I can, I can't figure out if all 3 stuck or not. I can find blogs with people pregnant with triplets with betas much lower than mine at this point. I can find blogs with people pregnant with twins with betas much higher than mine.

The only thing I'm pretty confident about at this point is that it's *probably* not a singleton.

The next doctor appointment isn't until the first U/S July I don't have much to talk about for the next week and a half. That is just to rule out ectopic (and I'm not very concerned about that) and see how many sacs there are.

It is extremely weird being in this position, a bit surreal, since I'm not the one pregnant. I guess I feel how L must have felt all those times. Excited but you don't quite feel part of it because it's not you who's pregnant.

Tonight I miss my babies from last year, because I don't feel a connection yet to my babies that are currently in Gabby's belly.


  1. It has to be a weird disconnected, yet connected feeling. I can only imagine. But that's fantastic about the numbers :) I'm hoping the time between now and the 9th fly by.

    Also, (*hugs*) on remembering the babies from last year.

  2. I'm currently 1dp5dt of our first/only FET cycle. We had frozen three blasts that turned blast on day 6 and only one survived. They came from a successful IVF cycle (transferred two, had twins) I came across your blog in the process of Googling my brains out. I think I am on the edge of the sofa even more for you right now!!!
    Have you ever checked out the Beta Base?? I think you'd be quite entertained that your/her numbers point very strongly toward triplets... here's the link for you:

    The site is sometimes down and can't be accessed, but it was up and running when I just checked it out in curiosity for your babies.

  3. Hey there!! I've been following your blog and praying for you all and Gabby and am SO freaking excited for your BFP! I am due with twins next month and wanted to share my betas with you as I think we're on the same path first beta count was 145 @ 12 dpo, 793 @ 15 dpo and 3589 @ 19 dpo and then jumped to 13,888 @ 23 dpo. Based on your numbers I would put my vote on twins for sure! I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear how the numbers progress!!

  4. Congratulations! I know the time until the 9th is going to be restless. Waiting around for appointments (the GOOD appointments) is torture. I'm thinking a lot of good thoughts for you guys.