Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Much News

Haven't heard much from Gabby. No news is good news I guess? She heard a heartbeat yesterday, only one. I haven't been too worried about hearing only 1 before, and I know the one she didn't hear is the baby that's been SUPER active, which would make it even harder to find, but of course I still worry. Things are going far too well, right?

Our next ultrasound is this Thursday. As it gets closer, I get more nervous, a pit in my stomach starts to form. She said she would listen to the doppler tomorrow again so that I could sleep on Weds. night. I hope she remembers to do so.

If all is good on Thursday, we will be telling my siblings (not L's yet) this weekend. And this weekend is our 5th anniversary! We are going back to Vermont for the second time in a month (but to Stowe this time, not Burlington) for a full weekend away complete with a couples massage. And we will have another 2 person whirlpool in our room again. That sounds like heaven to me!

I haven't heard about any more spotting/bleeding, so I presume all is ok on that front. I really hope it doesn't come back.

5 more days to the second trimester!


  1. Hoping no news is indeed good news. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping Thursday goes well. Enjoy your anniversary get-a-way- that sounds awesome!

  2. Your weekend away sounds great!! Enjoy :) Will be thinking of you on Thursday - sending lots of good thoughts your way.

  3. Everything sounds like its clicking along just great! Continued positive thoughts your way!

  4. No news is a good thing! But either way, only 5 days from the second trimester is so exciting. Enjoy the weekend!!

  5. I agree with the rest that no news is good news. Hopefully the 2nd trimester will bring some relief. Hope your 5th anniversary and weekend away is a good one:)

  6. Happy anniversary! And YAY for massages and rooms with whirlpools!