Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3-day Transfer

I had my transfer yesterday. It was kind of a rushed weekend. No call on Sunday so I assumed a 3 day transfer, but because it was on a Monday at 7am I couldn't get into acupuncture beforehand. And I didn't bother to call and see if I could do it afterwards. It would have been a last minute appointment which I think would have caused me more stress than just sitting at home instead.

I was up at 5am just in case they decided to call. Of course they didn't, so I downed water as we drove to the RE's office. We met with the embryologist who gave us a picture of our babies.

Yes, it's kind of small here, but zooming in just ruins the pixels.

According to the embryologist, 1 stopped growing at 4 cells. Then we had 2 6-cells, and 2 8-cells. On a grade of 1-4 (4 being the best, 1, the worst) the 2 8 cells were 3s, and the 2 6 cells were 2s. Sigh...I was hoping for a 4.

So we transferred the 2 -8 cells. On the picture above, imagining the embies are arranged like on a clock face, the 8-cells are the two at 2pm and 4 pm, and the 4 cell one that stopped growing is at 6pm.

The 4pm one was quite beautiful - no visible fragmentation. But it's a little oblong. When I asked why, they said they sometimes get that way from being sucked out by a pipette and not to worry. I hope they're right, because it looks like that was our best one.

I was so worried ET was going to hurt because my IUIs haven't been that comfortable (although none so bad as with my OB). But I barely even knew he had done it when he finished! Awesome.

So I went home and relaxed the rest of the day, even though they said bed rest was not needed. I didn't go to work because while I knew it wouldn't be physically demanding (it's a desk job, after all) I didn't want to be stressed out by demanding people. It was nice, being forced to be a bum. I did go out to get Chinese for lunch (way too spicy, and I kept hearing my acupuncturist in my head saying, "No cold food, no spicy food" - oops) and then later to the mall across the street to pick up some chocolate dipped strawberries for V-day, but other than that, just watched lots of court shows (love People's Court!) and slept with my kitty.

So as of yesterday, I was the mother of twins. I may not be today, I may not be 2 weeks from now. But yesterday, I had two of my babies in me.

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  1. Wow! Congrats and fingers crossed for a happy outcome!