Saturday, February 5, 2011

Next Stop: Bitchville

I'm on the train to Bitchville.  Actually, we'd probably have to back that train back up to Bitchville because I'm long past it, the way I've been today.  I had another scan and more b/w today, and they ended up calling L's phone with the meds protocol instead of mine while I was at my acupuncture appt. He didn't ask any questions (i.e. what the E2 levels were and why they weren't changing the protocol and when I found out later I was SO upset.  I actually called the emergency pager for them to give me that information because I couldn't stand not knowing until Monday.  Luckily they called me back and were still in the office (it was only an hour after they called him) so I don't feel that badly about it.  Thank God I have an understanding husband.

I was so worried about my lining on Weds. but today it was 15mm! Holy cow. NOW I'm worried about it being too thick.  Wow, you can't win with me, can you?

At today's U/S I was up to 13 follies, from the 10 they saw on Weds. I thought on Weds. my follicles were around 10mm based on what L told me, but today most of them were between 10-13mm.

I have one outlier follie at 17.5mm. I don't know what's going to happen with that as it's so far ahead of the others.

My E2 was 800 today which is perfectly inline with my 260 from Weds. but I don't know how it compares to the average IVF cycle, nor do I know what my follicles SHOULD be at this point.  I hate not knowing.  I'm such a control freak.  It's not like I could change anything anyway, but I just can't let go.

I really thought they would lower my dosing based on that 17.5mm follie but the word from the doc was to stay exactly the same, 3 vials of Bravelle and 5 units of Lupron still.  I just hope the 17.5 one stays put. If it keeps growing like it was, it will be 22.5 on Monday, my next appointment.

My acupuncture session went well though.  I listened to the Stress and Pressure podcast from and it was really nice.  This is my third attempt at acupuncture and I'm planning to do another one the day before ER and possibly after too.

I just want this week over...I'm so stressed without any real reason, but I can't help my hormones.

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