Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm A Tortoise, Not a Hare

Things are progressing, but they're slow. I'm slow. The RE assures me it's ok, that they prefer things to be progressing slowly as opposed to very quickly (or not progressing at all, I suppose), but with me and my stupid Googling habit, I am worried that it doesn't portend well for the future.

I don't know what the hell the NP who did my U/S on Saturday was smoking. That 15mm lining I had? Today, according to the PA, it is 9.2. And tri. I actually am happier with that number than the 15, because I don't have to worry about it being too thick anymore. Not that I was sure I needed to worry.

Today after 9 days of stims there were 20 measurable follicles, up from the 13 after 7 days of stims and 10 after 5 days. That 17.5mm outlier follicle I thought I had on Saturday? The PA today said it's really two smaller follicles. Now that kind of a mistake I can totally understand. I saw the U/S today, my follies are big and smushed together and I don't know how they even know if they counted all of them correctly.

So, I don't know which ones are at which size, but I apparently have a bunch of 16s, a bunch of 15s, a bunch of 14s, and a bunch of 11s. The 11s probably won't be ready in time, but it looks like the 14-16s will be good to go when the time comes.

Now that time. IVF Jen said trigger might not be for another 5 days. Today will be my 10th day of stims. I've never heard of stimming for that long.

Stupid Google says that stimming for more than 10 days is Bad. When I asked if that was true, she shrugged and said, "No." Well, that makes me feel so secure.

I asked some people on this IVF message board I read and there have been lots of BFPs from long-stimming cycles. Why that makes me feel better than the response from IVF Jen, I really have no idea.

So, back to the RE on Weds. now. I'm waiting for a call from IVF Jen to determine if I stay on my meds or change, and nothing yet. And of course, I want to know my E2 levels.

ETA: She just called. Stay on the same dosing until Weds. And E2 was 1364, progesterone .2.


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