Saturday, February 12, 2011

And Then There Were Five

Sigh...they called about the fert. report at 7:05am this morning. I slept right through the call, and when I called them back, the lady (Marsha) was not very nice and said I need to answer my calls from them. I explained to her this was our first time doing IVF and I had no idea they'd call at 7am on a Saturday. She told me they get there at 5am and they will be calling me at 7 or earlier on Monday so I'd better be prepared.

Ok, Monday is a workday so I will be up by then. Maybe someone should have told me in advance they'd be calling this early on a Saturday so I would have known? Sheesh. Since I have NO KIDS I like I sleep in on my days off.

Anyway, it looks like there were only 7 mature, not the 12 they told me yesterday. That's what I had thought, which is why I was so surprised when they said there were 12. On that IVF board they said the RE can't tell if an egg's mature right off the bat, so I'm not sure why he told L that. But I wasn't too shocked, though I admit a little sad.

Out of the 7 they injected (apparently my lab does ICSI on everything, which I read isn't necessarily what to do unless you have male factor, or some other issues - which we don't) 5 fertilized. Again, I'm wondering if really there were only 5 good ones to begin with. I had 5 mature at my last U/S, with the possibility of two others catching up after the trigger but before retrieval. It could be that those two just weren't good enough anyway.

If that's the case, then all "good" ones fertilized which is great, if not 5/7 isn't too bad I guess. I just have no idea how many will make it, and I don't have all that many to begin with. You can believe if this IVF cycle doesn't work I will be asking my RE why I only had 7 mature at the end of all of this. I don't think my protocol was very good.

Granted, I never did an injectible IUI (due to other issues regarding my lap) so this cycle was a bit of trial and error so he likely knows where he can improve next time anyway.

Ugh, I'm already talking about next time. No. There's not going to be a next time. Unless it's for #2.

So I am scheduled for a day 3 transfer on Valentine's day, which is fine. I think there's the possibility they'll call me early on Monday to push me to day 5, but given that I don't have that many eggs, I think they'll play it safe and transfer on Monday. And then the long, long wait begins.

What else? Oh geez, I've already lost 2lbs in water weight. My last stim was Tuesday, and I must have peed 5 times from 5am-9am this morning (how I slept through that call, I don't know). And I didn't drink anything this morning. I'm down 2+ lbs from yesterday, so yay for that.

And I forgot to say that Ali was my nurse during the retrieval yesterday. The head nurse had told me some lady named Amy was going to be, and then Ali showed up and we both were shocked and so happy. It was great having her there. I hope she brings us good luck.

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