Thursday, February 17, 2011

Craziness Begins

It's only 3dp3dt and already I'm going nuts.

I had ordered internet cheapies to pee on a few days ago and they arrived yesterday. I spent a little more money (about $.15 more per strip) to get the "really sensitive ones" - they go to 10 mIU, so I thought I'd be able to see how long it took for trigger to dissipate and then see (hopefully) the line get darker and darker.

I thought the trigger would hang in there awhile, letting me at least see a fake BFP for awhile, but it was stark white today.

It's 8 days past trigger today, so I guess that makes sense? I don't know..I thought it's be there for at least another 2.

I woke up at 4am this morning to pee and could swear I had some cramping action going on in/around my left ovary. It was enough to keep me awake for a little while, and made me relax somewhat. I had A/F like cramping on an off today, nothing horrible in the slightest, and just kept saying, "If this is you, babies, go for it! Cramp me up all you want!" Of course, if I get a BFN in a week and a half I will feel silly for ever having done that.

Since I know that the trigger is out of my system I just don't know what is the progesterone and what could possibly be a real symptom now. I've always thought I implant late since I've never gotten a BFP before 14dpo, so the thought that I could be implanting at 6dpo seems unreal. It's got to be all in my head.

I even looked at my FF charts from previous cycles to see what, if any "symptoms" I had in my head in other times. Cramping, never before 8dpo, and that was only one month when it was clearly PMS. (well, clearly NOW, wasn't so clear at the time).

Wouldn't it be awesome if it really was my tubes this whole time somehow responsible for our IF and/or late implantation? I mean, I know my HSGs have come out clear,so likely not, but it's a nice dream.

Anyway, so if I'm bad now, can you imagine how I'll be in a few days? Poor hubby.

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