Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heard from Gabby!

Ok, something a little more positive now so I stop obsessing about things that aren't about me! Bah!

I got an email from Gabby on vacation! Telling me all about her symptoms. It's made me so excited it's almost pathetic :)

Ok, symptoms have started... extreme fatigue and some nausea, yeah!  I have been the first to bed every night and am definitely nauseous if I am not continuously eating carbs!  And there are foods that all of a sudden seem unsettling to me, like bananas, mushrooms and meat, that I used to eat all the time. 

Poor thing has the craziest schedule in the next few days culminating in the u/s on Tuesday. She also experienced a bit of brown spotting a few days ago, but she said it was very light and only lasted the one day and her symptoms have intensified since then. She called Susan freaking out and the nurse told her it could have been left over implantation spotting. Hopefully so!

I think L and I have Skype figured out so I hope he is able to "be" at the appointment on Tuesday. Just 38 hours to go!


  1. Oh so exciting! So glad it made your day!

  2. Glad you heard from her and hopefully have Skype figured out. Getting so close to that first ultrasound!

  3. I can't wait till Tuesday!!!!!!!