Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Gabby had told me she'd given the u/s pic she received to the hospital to mail to me along with the documentation from the first u/s. She said it would be to us in a day so we expected it Thursday. But we just got it on Monday. We saw they sent it 3rd class mail, so that explains why. I didn't even know third class mail existed!

Ultrasound pics...the three sacs. I figure I should post it now because who knows what will happen. I just read a blog about an IP who just finished her journey literally a few days ago, and when I went back to read from the beginning, she had put in 3 as well, was given a 3% chance of triplets, got pregnant with all three and had heartbeats at the 6 week ultrasound as well (the story was eerily similar, except she already had two children that she'd given birth to herself at home. She was told not to carry herself again because it was very dangerous, she almost died before).

Then, at the 8 week ultrasound, one of the triplets had SPLIT, thereby giving FOUR babies. But the identical twins didn't have a heartbeat and another one of the triplets didn't have a heart beat either. So she was down to one and her carrier just gave birth to that one a few days ago. Holy smokes.

And that's part of my big fear. That we'll go in next week and there will be NO heartbeats. From 3 to zero.

But as of this day (6w2d this was), here's what it looked like:

The picture of all three is the top left hand side, and the other three pics are each of the triplets. In the lower right hand corner of the triplet picture you can see another dark circle, and the ultrasound notes make note of this, calling it a cyst or possibly a hydrosalpinx. I looked that up and it looks like you can get one from having an IUD, which she had before taking it out to start our cycle. It can cause infertility because basically it's a blocked tube! How ironic.
I finally got up the courage to ask her if she would mind sending baby bump pictures each week. I hate asking her to do extra stuff because she's got enough on her plate, but I'm starting to realize we're a lot alike and I think she likes my showing a lot of interest. I'm afraid to show too much interest though, for fear of seeming "clingy."

But it was so funny because I emailed her on Friday, and she emailed me back. I decided to not email on Saturday because I thought, man, I really shouldn't bother her EVERY day! Then she called me on Sunday afraid I was mad with what she emailed me on Friday (about talking to Dr. A) because I hadn't emailed back! We are two peas in a pod.

So she sent me her first baby bump picture yesterday. I've cropped it to cut off her head (since if I knew pictures of me were going to be floating around cyberspace I wouldn't be happy). She says her bump is definitely bigger and with 3 in there I'm really not surprised.

 I think there is one!! That's where my babies are! I'm so excited to see it and totally jealous of her body, haha. I don't think I've ever looked that good in my life, pregnant or not!

Less than a week till the next u/s. Fingers crossed so hard.


  1. The story you wrote about with the 3 embryos, and then one splitting making 4, but in the end only ending up with one living baby sounds like a story I heard a few weeks back. The story I heard had 2 embryos put in and then one split twice making quads as well. One miscarried early on. Then two of them ended up stillborn just before fullterm resulting in only one living baby. Holy crap though! Hearing stories like this freak me out.
    Love the pics of your 3 little babes:)

  2. Love the pics of the little ones :) I can understand why you'd be scared of going in and there not being any... still keeping you in my thoughts. I am hoping so much for you.

  3. For right now everything is fine. It's so hard, but . . . breathe. :-) I was thinking about your other post, about having trouble telling people about the surrogacy. I think I would have the same problem, but you know what you have? Guiliana Rancic. I'm not even kidding. A lot of people know who she is and those same people might have heard about her surrogacy. Best part? She filmed what they went through and it's probably on demand. I would point people there if they really have nosy questions. I didn't watch it because it's just not one of the shows we watch and I cry when I read stories about what they've gone through, so it would be embarrassing to watch on top of everything. I think they go into some detail though.

  4. Love the pictures! I am keeping you in my thoughts that things continue to progress well and that there are three strong, beautiful heartbeats at the next appt. (Hugs)

  5. Just catching up with you, congrats x 3!

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