Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Slip n Slide

I redid the website. It's a little brighter, more fun, and I hope easy enough to read. I wish I could change the font of the Blog Name, but I can't figure it out. Arial is so boring.

I thought about how to say something to Gabby, but I couldn't figure it out. Not to mention she's on vacation right now, and by the time gets back to email it'll be dumb. Then I read this facebook comment she wrote about the slip n slide (she posted it on Saturday but I didn't see it until Monday, ugh).

I just went down it for the first time and I FLEW! Landed on my butt in the pool because I was going too fast to stop, it's amazing! A mommy's dream, haha!

So not the thing I, as the intended parent, wanted to hear. "...I was going too fast to stop." Did it not occur to her that I would see this? And I can't even really say anything since A) I didn't see it until two days after she wrote it B) she's on vacation and away from FB for now, C) two people "liked" her comment, and D) her sister said "Wow!" after it. (I imagine her sister must know she's pregnant though, I think they are pretty close).  Me writing, "Um, can you be careful please?" probably wouldn't go over well.


So what did I do, but go look up slip n slides. I remember the one my family had back in the day - a flimsy sheet of plastic that didn't even have that little cheap "pool" at the end of it (that was the fancier, later version)

Ours just ended throwing you into the grass, which became a puddle of mud as we slid over and over again. I was such a girly girl, I hated getting covered in dirt, so I wouldn't use it often. Plus, I always slipped on the plastic before I was able to hurl myself down and the water was very cold...and yeah...

Yeah, that's totally how I always ended up feeling.

But these blow up slip n slides are something else!

Gabby sent me a picture of it with her kids on it but I won't put it on here. Now, since she ended up on her butt in the pool she obviously at least had to have gone on on her butt or back. If she'd gone on her stomach, she would have ended up face first in the pool, right? I just hope the pool was filled up enough that she didn't drop too much.

Ugh...I should not have to worry about this stuff.

She is always telling me her husband is always worrying about the babies (her words, she's sure there's plural). When she was stressed about work the other day he told her it wasn't good for them. I'm surprised he didn't have a problem with her doing this, then!

I know, I need to trust. It is so hard.

1 week till the first ultrasound.


  1. I think you might have used "Gabby's" real name in this post.. just in case you want to change it. FYI. :)

  2. PsychGal, thank you for letting me know! I just knew I was going to do that one day eventually! I've always caught myself before :)

  3. And then when I was trying to change it I trashed the whole post by accident instead. So then I was trying to rewrite it. What a mess.

  4. No worries! I would totally be doing the same thing by accident too. Right now, I'm about to start a blog going through the decision process on whether to pursue surrogacy or not, and have been following yours for a while now. Congratulations on the baby(ies?) and clearing at least one hurdle on this long journey. So happy for you and know that your story is helping people like me see what the process is like through another's eyes... All the best...

  5. Please let me know if you start your blog, I would love to follow it.

  6. I understand stressing about it. It should be fine, but it's still a worrier.

    There was a ton of stuff I wouldn't consider "worth the risk" after what I went through, that although the risk was "minimal" or sometimes possibly non-existent, I would never have dared to do because I refused to take any chances at all. However, my sister-in-laws had nowhere the limits I did, but their pregnancies always resulted in a baby and they never had to worry like I did. I think we tend to go the extra mile (or ten miles) for safety, and other women don't get it. Like, I stopped caffeine 100% because of the miscarriage risk but my SILs all drank it down their entire pregnancy- it was a small risk to me, but one I wouldn't take. To them, the risk didn't even register. Same thing with lunch meats or soft serve ice cream... I was not going to take unnecessary risks, but most women go on eating both with no issues.

    I digress. That early, it should be fine. I laid on my stomach for most of the first trimester while my husband gave me my PIO injections (and I was bleeding from my SCH and on bed rest). There is a lot of padding at that stage, and the uterus is nestled so low. I know it's impossible to not assess the risk and worry, especially when you have so little control over the situation, but I think it'll be okay (*hugs*)

    Just noticed that the comment box on here is wonky, it's giving me a lot of trouble commenting for some reason :/

  7. Thanks, AD! That makes me feel better. She's probably on her stomach for the PIO as well. I just need to hear it sometimes.

    I was working on the site last night around that time so that might have been why. Let me know if you (or anyone else) are still having problems. I might go back to the old site after all. I can't seem to "respond" to comments either, just post a separate comment. Boo.